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First of all, I'm in CA. I had set my sights on california web hosting. Exploring for for web hosting is a task. I've looked enthusiastically online and there are so many various hosting outfits that I'm feeling upset at the prospect of checking them all out. It would take me decades and take tons of effort to look into them all myself. So what I did was research a handful of those hosting review websites and did a little home work.

These hosts often times have tons of problems due to the fact that they literally stuff as many clients as possible onto the servers in order to get more money. These other customers had apparently done some some sort of unethical behavior and gotten our shared IP address blacklisted. I couldn't send anyone at yahoo or hotmail or gmail an e-mail. Needless to say, this was shocking for my business.

Talking in regards to that handful of hosting companies from the top 10 website. These places are basically a mirror image of each other. At these enormous entities you can expect the total experience to be at times frightful, to tell you the truth. Three questions you should answer while creating your own website Of course this doesn't apply to all of these companies. There are still some trustworthy web hosting companies out there, they are just getting tougher to find.
This company isn't a huge corporate entity, but the service and quality they offer is of the highest quality in the industry. I cannot explain to you how important it is for you to sign up now. It will be the best choice you have ever made regarding web hosting.

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Lumen Output at an identifed current value (lm)

Led Efficacy (lm/W)

Colour temperature or CCT (correlated color temperature)and CRI

• Bin Selection and color shifting

Reliability (LM80 Reports & performed life tests)

Cost (lm/$ or lm/€)








LED Driver : It is important to select right power supply based on current and voltage needed. We prefer to use a constant current power supply or voltage one + current regulator. We also check Ripple current effects. Switching on and off current peak effects also measured. To avoid hot plug (keep in mind that it damages your LED), should never disconnect the cable between leds and driver output when the luminaire is powered on.


As RUALIGHT, we always provide you at least 90% efficiency for high electrical efficiency. Also we care about output load of the led driver. Please notice that if it is less, you will have less efficiency. Cost matters.





Heat Sink is the linchpin of the entire system. If this is poorly designed, all the other components can be compromised.




We use Aluminium injection body as heat sink material to offer you the best performance.




We apply air ventilation channels whenever size mattersWe offer smaller in size but bigger in performance.




We also follow up cold forging technology to offer you premium quality with reasonable price.



We do all the necessary thermal measurements & believe in the quality of our products. All our heatsinks are designed for best cooling performance and highest efficiency.








Optical Components: Standart components (lens & diffuser) can yellow over time and lose light; but RUALIGHT choice the best and reliable optic components that never become yellow and never loose light. We also use extra clear glass which iron particules are totaly removed. 




We do all the necessary optical measurements and always offer to you best market solutions.




All optical losses are not a matter of material selection. The application and engineering is extremely important. Gaps between COB and led holder causes dramatic optical losses. As RUALIGHT, we fasten the reflector to the holder and secure the light not to escape out and offer you higher optical effiency.




Looking to the future, we will continue on to research and explore in order to offer our customers the high performing products.


Having any technical questions please don't hesitate to contact with us. We will be glad to reply. 




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*RUALIGHT confirms that all RUALIGHT Branded Luminaires meet the requirements of all directives below and are CE Marked.






Directive 2006/95/EC Low Voltage directive

Directive 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility  

Directive 2009/125/EC Ecodesign requirements for energy related products  

Directive 2011/65/EU The restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment 

Directive 1194 /2012 Implementing Directive 2009/125/EC with regard to ecodesign requirements for directional lamps, light emitting diode lamps and related equipment





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* Protection against electric shocks:

Class I


mentions that basic isolation application is not sufficient to protect against electrical shock, so that the devices that are under additional protection that connects the stable facility to the grounding conductor to prevent the device’s conductor parts to be under tension in case if this isolation is not working. Grounding is necessary.  



Class II



shows the luminaire in which the isolation is not only provided with basic isolation, but the protection against electrical shock is increased with extra isolation materials.



Class III;


shows the devices of which protection against electric shock is achieved with safety extra low voltage, (SELV) and in which very low voltage is supplied.


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