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* General Warnings about the assembly and usage:


Please take care of the warnings in the user’s manuals as installing the product.

As connecting your luminaire into the electric network, please use minimum 0.75mm2 section cable.

During the installation of the luminaires; according to the EN 60598-1 standard, there must be a certain security distance between the luminaire and the installing surface (including the protectors such as isolation material, sheath etc.) This distance must be minumum 25mm from the top of luminaire to the ceiling and minumum 50mm to the side. Please comply with measures while installing the luminaire.

Do not cover the device with cloth or any similar material that might cause heat isolation.

Do not definitely connect neutral or phase to the grounding terminal, be sure that the electrical installation is connected to the ground with a suitable conductor. All time connect the grounding conductor.

For further detailed information about our products, please log on to our web site and do not hesitate to contact us.

For product improvement and development, RUALIGHT, reserves the right to make changes in product features without informing in advance.

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