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*The R-TRACK lighting tracks are designed for easy surface mounting in ceilings and walls.


In addition to easy and quick mounting, should mention about the flexibility in the design of the system.


According to your project, there may be many different combinations with track and its accessories.


The tracks can be mounted at right angles and with the adjustable corner connector at different angles or

levels depending on structural requirements. 


Also I, L, T Connectors and Movable Joints are fitted for power supply. The accessories are designed in modular

dimensions, allowing installation in exact squares and rectangles. The covers open wide for mounting and

the power cable is easy to connect. 


All Track Spotlights of RUALIGHT and lighting fixtures from different suppliers can be easily connected  to R-TRACK system. 

If needed, we might also provide to you as a complete simple set for your usage;


Complete Track Set:


End feed part + end cap + track itself are included as mentioned length below and ready to connect the mains.

The maximum lenght is set to 3m because of transport issues.


Available Colors : Black, White


Complete Track Set Codes

(Set Code) 5101A ........ 3m.

(Set Code) 5101B ........ 2m.

(Set Code) 5101C ........ 1m.





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